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Here at Windridge Implements we focus not only on the traditional crop farmer but also on the specialty crop growers. We know these growers require special equipment to handle their specialized operations and we are eager and willing to help with our full line of specialized grower equipment. From bed preparation to planting, mulching, weeding, and harvest we can help find the product that meets your needs and saves you on time, labor, and your bottom line!
Checchi & Magli offer a full line of small grower equipment including transplanters, potato machines, mulch layers, and bed makers.

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BCS is the maker of a walk-behind tractor with many attachments to suit basic small farm applications.

One of our newest product lines, MaterMacc offers row crop planters for small and large farmers.
Mechanical Transplanter is an American company offering a wide range of fruit and vegetable grower farm implements. They are also our distributor for the Jang Seeder which is a push behind or 3 pt. mounted garden seeder suitable for many gardening applications.

Rinieri offers a wide line of equipment including trimmers and pruners for vineyard applications.
produces machines for professional gardening, landscaping as well as specialized agriculture and wide space cultivations.
Its product range includes rotary hoes, reverse tine/stone buriers, power harrows, shredders, finishing mowers: it offers one of the widest choice of implements for two-wheels tractors and tractors from 10 up to 220 HP.

Univerco Conception Fabrication provides us with gardening solutions such as the EcoWeeder and Falc Bed Shapers.
Please contact one of our knowledgable sales staff with any questions about this wide range of equipment. We would be happy to get you more information, show you the equipment, and even set up a field demonstration! Our list of sales department staff is available HERE.